Black Iron Smokers Started in 2014 as interested spectators at the 2014 Port Mac BBQ and Blues festival.
They competed at the 2015 event. Running Second brisket.
A husband and wife team…..Andrew and Ilinka Donn Patterson they quickly became immersed in the world that is competitive BBQ in Australia.

After several calls in several competitions Black Iron Smokers was asked to cater a few small events in their local circle of friends and as they say the rest is history.

Black Iron Smokers BBQ style is based in the traditional TEXAN style Brisket , Beef Rib and Carolina style Pulled pork along with Pork ribs and Hot links from time to time. Much inspiration was taken from David Klose of Klose BBQ pits in Huston Texas who Andrew met in early 2015. Who”s theory is . Its Fire smoke meat and time… dont over think it…..

All things they do are done at 225 to 250 in the traditional low and slow style that makes this style of BBQ unique the world over.

Strong believers in putting the best possible BBQ out every time Black Iron Smokers is proud to be a part of the local ABA and Meatstock brands. Using only Silver Creek Smokers to cook on they have just taken delivery of a new and impressive 40 inch by 110 inch Offset smoker ready to be launched in 2018.

So if you’re looking for some traditional Low and Slow American BBQ cooked with time and attention to detail and passion then Black Iron Smokers is the place to go.

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