A true musical virtuoso, Juzzie gives performances that are marked by an amazing ability to play guitar, harmonica and percussion at the same time using all of his body.

It seems he is at home holding anything that makes a sound, and he combines this with a real rhythmic talent and a raw, warm vocal style. The result is truly engaging, mesmerizing music that makes you want to move and leaves you feeling inspired.

So how many instruments does he play? Well, it’s a bit more of a matter of what doesn’t he play? For a start he straps 8 harmonicas to his belt so he has quick access to the one in the right key. Then there’s the guitar, slide guitar and Cigar box guitar, Dan Moi (which is like a jew’s harp but from Vietnam), ukulele, and a range of percussion instruments that is infinite. And he not only sings, but has also mastered the difficult art of harmonic singing, producing two tones simultaneously with his voice.

With many of these instruments an integral part of his usual set, it isn’t hard to see that Juzzie has his hands pretty full on stage. Just when you think he couldn’t possibly do any more then comes the ultimate crowd stopper.

Percussive Juggling

Try juggling three shaker balls creating amazing grooves and then playing harmonica at the same time. Now this is fun to watch.
Or as Juzzie put it: “Percussive juggling allows me to be more playful and connect with the audience in a way that everyone is together and smiling”.

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