David and I LOVE FOOD! One reason we love food so much is because we get to share it! Sharing food is yet another way of connecting with others and building a like hearted and like minded community.
Food brings people together. Food nourishes the body, it nurtures the heart, it feeds the soul. And, made well, it is YUMMY for the TUMMY!
So, we decided to start a little food trailer, share some food, make some friends and start building our “down under” community.
Loukoumathes?!! Why Loukoumathes and how DO you pronounce that??!!!
LŌŌ KŌŌ MA THĖS 4 syllables. Emphasis on the MA (3rd syllable). Pronounce everything!
Why? Because my Greek heritage has many, many rituals based around the seasons, availability of ingredients and tradition. Coming into a New Year means certain foods and activities. Loukoumathes have always represented one of the sweetest rituals of coming into the New Year for me. My Mum would make the yeast dough New Year’s Year, leave it in the oven with the light on (remember I grew up in Toronto, Canada) to rise. She would wake early New Year’s day, heat the oil and make the funny shaped balls by dropping the dough off a spoon with her finger, roll them in Greek honey (Attiki) and sprinkle them with cinnamon. As soon as I walked into the kitchen, she would pop one into my mouth and wish me sweetness for the coming year!
I can still taste my Mum’s Loukoumathes in my mouth, the sweetness, the feeling of connection, the feeling of home. This is the recipe I use to make the Loukoumathes I share with all of you. My Mother’s recipe and my hands joined with David’s offering you sweetness this year and always!
Keep it sweet~

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